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We are excited to have your incoming Kindergartener join us in the Elementary classrooms beginning Sunday, June 5th! We know it’ll be the start of what might be a busy week and want to help your child transition go well.  Over the next few days we’ll publish four posts to help you guide your child as he or she begins this new phase. We’ll be answering questions your child might have about classrooms, lessons, and teachers. We’ll also include plenty of photos for you to show your child.

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Large Group is often the highlight of a preschooler’s Sunday, but in Elementary Large Group will look a little different.  This summer as incoming Kindergarteners transition, Large Group will have a similar format, yet be pretty different.

Will t_DSH5007here be puppets?

No. Elementary Large Group doesn’t have puppets, but there will still be live music many Sundays, and plenty of singing!

Will my child still have a lesson in Large Group?

Yes! This summer Kindergarten-5th graders will be learning about the Apostle’s Creed, and for the summer the lesson will happen in Large Group, just like in preschool.  After worship there will be a teacher teaching about a different piece of the creed each week.  We’ll even start the summer simply learning what a creed is.  Students will be engaged through through sign language, videos, and images to help them learn the Apostle’s Creed, and end their Large Group time by turning and answering a few questions with other kids and volunteers.  The coolest part about summer Large Group is that kids get to sit on huge blankets!

_DSH4994Will older kids be with Kindergarten in the Large Group room?

Yes. This summer we’ll combine grades for Large Group, but kids always sit on the same blankets as their volunteers and classmates.  At 8:00 Kindergarten-5th grade will be combined, and at 9:30 and 11:00 we’ll have a for Kindergarten-2nd graders, and room for 3rd-5th graders.

Will the Large Group teachers be the same people from preschool?

Yes and no.  Kindergarteners will certainly recognize faces from preschool (Candace, Courtney, and Kristin will be faces that are familiar to them,) but kids will meet new teachers throughout the summer.

Scroll for more photos of Elementary Large Group!





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