Feb 162016

britt blogToday’s post is a guest post by one of our Crossing Kids interns, Brittany Hughes.  Brittany works a few hours a week behind the scenes, and helps supervise Elementary classrooms on Sunday mornings.  You can also find her in the Preschool hallway during Seeds of Promise every Tuesday.  Brittany is known around The Crossing for her contagious smile, and her kind heart.  This past fall Brittany had the opportunity to attend The Orange Tour with some of our staff and interns, and has been eager to share her wisdom and learning ever since!



As an intern you commit to existing in this strange space of not just a volunteer but not quite staff. One of the advantages to this hybrid space is that I am able to have focused relationships with kids of varying ages. Many things change in the time between kindergarten and fifth grade. Style, the type of activities kids like to do (believe it or not “duck, duck, goose” doesn’t go as well with fourth grader as it does second graders). However, one thing I’m learning to be pretty consistent no matter a child’s age is that they all have a desire to be seen, heard, and valued. In short children want to know that they matter.

In the fall I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City for the Orange Tour. Reggie Joiner, founder of Think Orange, said something during one of the large group sessions that has stuck with me:

Every kid is made in the image of God and our responsibility is to see Jesus not just their sin. We can’t possibly expect them to follow Jesus until we treat them like they are made in his image.

As cliché as it sounds so much of the way children interact with me on Sunday morning is dependent on the way in which I approach them. Do I present myself as someone who is inviting and ready to have great morning? Am I actively participating in Sunday morning activities (i.e. free play, engaging kids in conversation, singing and doing motions in large group, etc.)? Am I actively choosing to view kids in the image of God or am I missing the big picture? I am praying for you all as you continue to serve in your respective areas. It is my hope that we can see kids as the unique and wonderfully made people they are and that our response to that will be one that changes the tones of our classrooms.

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