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preschool 3

Life for the preschooler can be confusing. It’s okay to throw a ball, but not a rock. You can hug your friend, but not squeeze his neck. Every day, a preschooler is learning new rules and discovering not only abilities, but also limits. The way you consistently meet their needs, engage their interests, and provide discipline will help them cultivate self-control.

You can help preschoolers learn when you ENGAGE THEIR SENSES.  You can capture their heart when you CULTIVATE SELF CONTROL. You coach their moral abilities when you DISCIPLINE CONSISTENTLY.

preschool 5

Ages three to four is the phase when ANYTHING CAN BE IMAGINED. I remember well the years when my daughter had an imaginary friend. That friend went everywhere with us. And we couldn’t sit on the couch where her friend was sitting. She would talk with her for hours in her room and tell us all about her.

preschool 2

It’s when EVERYTHING CAN BE A GAME. I also remember when my boys would love to make up games. We would sit for hours and play “zoo” with all their plastic and stuffed animals. My oldest would take his miniature football helmets and line them up and play his own game of football with them.

preschool 6

And one curious preschooler wants to know “WHY?” We get lots of questions at this age. Lots of “Why does it do that?”; “Why did she say that?” ; “Why is it blue?” You get the picture.

preschool 4

Here’s why some of our volunteers love working with the preschool age:

“I love volunteering in the preschool room because the children are just starting to comprehend Jesus and what he has done for us. Their excitement and curiosity to learn about our Savior at such a young age is so touching and personally inspiring in my life.  And on a side note my preschooler loves having me in class with him so I can share in all the exciting things he is learning about God on Sunday mornings.”

“They bring a light and joy through the door each and every Sunday. They remind me of child-like faith.”

“I have a preschool aged daughter, so it’s the age of child I can relate to. And they’re great!”

“I serve with the fours because there is never a dull moment with them.  I am more awake and alert for service after serving at 8:00 a.m. because of their energy and enthusiasm.  They are always willing to learn, ready to play, to sing and dance, and to be loved and show off their love.  The fours remind me to find joy in the smallest of things and it’s always a great way to start off my Sunday and begin my week.”

“Four-year-olds are great fun to interact with.  Prior to this age there’s not so much of a give and take in discussion.  Now I can sit down at a table or on the floor and actually have a conversation.  Even more fun than that is the fact that what they say is often NOT predictable. Once I chose to wear a pair of toile-print jeans and one of the kids blurted out, ‘You forgot to take your pajamas off!’ (Ask me if I’ve worn them since!)”

“I often find myself in awe of how much these children love the Lord and understand His word. In the presence of these children, I find myself chuckling and tearing up in their recognition of sin and God’s love for them.”

“They are so funny! They make my week. I enjoy seeing them get so happy about all the music and games.”

preschool 1

We have 780 weeks and counting with these preschoolers. IT’S JUST A PHASE…SO DON’T MISS IT!

*This info is taken from the book It’s Just a Phase – so Don’t Miss It by Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy

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