Oct 202015

toddler 6

The Toddler age was my favorite age for each of my four kids. I loved the way they were learning new things every day. I adored the hugs and the “hold you’s” that I got with arms reaching up anxious to be held. So much happens in the life of a child in the phase from one to two years old. They explode in wonder and awe of everything they see, feel, touch and smell. They are constantly moving and exploring.

toddler 2

The phase of One to Two* is when nobody’s on time, everything’s a mess, and one eager toddler will insist I CAN DO IT!

toddler 4

Toddlers think like an artist. They blend reality with imagination and learn best through their senses.

toddler 7

Toddlers want to know AM I ABLE? The goal of this phase is to develop confidence.

toddler 1

As volunteers, we need to embrace their physical needs so they can know God’s love and meet God’s family.

toddler 8

Here’s what volunteers who serve with toddlers had to say about why they love this age:

Maybe not a very “spiritual” answer, but they are the cutest EVER!!

Because they love to snuggle on my lap while I read them a book.

I love the fact that they’re in transition from baby and each child is developing his or her own individuality.

Because I love to their joy and hugs!

I started serving in Crossing Kids as a way to give back to the church and make connections.  I signed up stating I didn’t really care where I was placed and while this statement still holds true today, after serving on the Toddler Blue Team for several months I can say (without reserve) that it has been rewarding in ways I would not have considered. Toddlers, they walk (but often stumble), they talk (but more often they cry or giggle), they exhibit so much of what it means to be un-escapably human.  Nearly every Sunday I am blessed to serve I am staunchly reminded by these youngsters that our time is brief, snot is real, pain is temporary, relationships matter and joy is often found in the simplest of things. May God continue to bless the Crossing, its ministry and the little ones we treasure.

toddler 3


*According to the ReThink Group and the book “It’s Just a Phase, So Don’t Miss It” by Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy, a phase is a time frame in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. Most of this post is from this resource.

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