Jun 042015

We hope your child had as much fun as we did Thursday night at Kids Club. Here is a sneak peek into what we did.


After Eddie injured his back, the Good King took his place in the duel with the Dark Knight.  He was finally defeated once and for all and received the tar and feathers.



At Bible Story, we learned that real faith perseveres until the end.  We saw this in the life of Daniel as he faithfully serves God even as an old man who is thrown to the lions.



Quest – Kids Club 2015 – Thursday Night Bible Story Intro from The Crossing on Vimeo.

Bible Story Overview: During our week together, children will learn what real faith is by examining several stories in the Book of Daniel. We will learn that real faith lives differently to make a difference in a broken world, trusts God in the face of suffering, is humble not proud, and perseveres to the end.

Memory Verse: The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. Daniel 11:32b (ESV)

Tonight’s Objectives:

  1. Faith is a long, perilous journey full of many ups and downs.
  2. We must remember who our true King is, how He’s helped us in the past, and what His promises are to keep going.

Tonight’s Bible Story Connection: Daniel 6 (Action Bible p. 484-488 “Lion Taming”)

Tonight’s Supporting Scripture: Matthew 24:13; Philippians 1:6, Galatians 6:9, Matthew 10:22, 1 Corinthians 15:58; 1 Corinthians 16:13

Question(s) of the Night:

  1. What did we learn about faith tonight? (Real faith perseveres to the end.)
  2. What does it mean to persevere? (To keep going even when something seems hard.)
  3. What happened to Daniel tonight? (He was thrown into a den of lions after he refused to worship anyone other than God. God protected him.)
  4. Practice the memory verse together.


Worship Music:

The Quest (Daniel 11:32b) – Seeds Family Worship 

The Glory of Our King – Matt Redman


Pre-School Craft: Shields
Elementary Craft: Castle Game
Pre-School Game: Medieval Obstacle Course and Medieval Games
Elementary Game: K-1st—Knight Jousting (Relay Race), , 2nd-3rd—Knights and Dragons (Sharks and Minnows), 4th-5th—The Quest (Obstacle Course)


As you can see from the pictures below, there was also plenty of time for laughter, food, friendship, serving, dancing, worship, and fun.




Thanks for joining us this week!  We hope to see you back for the Royal Celebration tomorrow night.

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